Sep 23, 2013

15 Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings.

Collection of 'Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings' from all over the world.

Ring Clock: Ring Clock is a beautiful combination of the ring and the watch. Designed by Gusztav Szikszai, you need to spin the ring to activate the blue and orange lights. And for recharge you need to place it on the wireless clock-dock recharger to restore full power that lasts a week.

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Counting Ring: This compact ring is a simplified money counting machine; it lets you count cash fast, conveniently and correctly by hands.

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Ring-Shaver: It's small, cylindrical-shaped shaver that slips over the finger.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 3Apple's iRing: Victor Soto, an artist, came up with the idea for iRings. It's a conceptual idea for a control playback for your Apple media devices. This ring uses Bluetooth for connectivity with iPod and iPhone.

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Bluetooth Ringphone Concept: These rings that can be used as a Bluetooth handset are designed by Argentinian design team BCK.

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Binary Ring: The Binary ring uses binary codes "1" and "0" for storing data. This way one can write a personalized message on the ring. The message may contain up to 25 characters.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 6Information Ring: The Information Ring is designed to exchange basic information with new people in the first meeting by shaking hands. Each ring has information stored about its owner and when you shake hands with somebody else, the ring will transmit your information and download the information from his or her ring. Another interesting feature is that it requires no external power source as it uses the human body temperature as its source.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 7Remember Ring: 24 hours before your special day begins, the ring's interior will begin to warm up to 120ยบ F for approximately 10 seconds. And the ring continues to warm up every hour, on the hour, all day long!

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 8Security Ring: All you need to do is put the ring on one of your fingers and the base stays next to your computer. Once you move a certain distance away from the base station, the computer locks down.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 9Encoder Ring: Binary numbers (0s and 1s) are used to store up to 66 characters.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 10Camera Ring: The mini camera can be worn like a ring.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 11Ring Phone: On the outside it looks like any other beautiful ring but it can be used like any other phone to make or receive calls.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 12GPS Rings: This GPS Ring consists of three pieces. A GPS controller device to wear around the neck or fix to ones belt. The other two parts are the GPS Rings, for both the hands. The GPS Ring buzzes to give you directions. The relevant ring buzzes to turn left or right. And what if you take a wrong turn? They'll buzz together.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 13Ring Watch: This ring watch features 1,400 metal balls, which has a decorative and magnetic side and are electrically activated to display the time or a message.

Innovative and Cool Gadget Rings (15) 14Alarmclock Ring: The ring fixes over the tip of your fingers and it buzzes at the preset time. To shut it off you need to put the ring back on the dock.

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