Sep 19, 2013

15 Creative and Modern Humidifiers.

For those who lives in a dry weather or from over exposure to air conditioning, these 'Creative and Modern Humidifiers' gives you refreshing relief so you can avoid drying up in style.

Middle Humidifier: Designed by Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi, this cool humidifier can produce moisture for up to ten consecutive hours.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 1
Mini Chimney Humidifier: This Mini Chimney Humidifier comes from Japanese design house Takumi; its perfect for a desk or small table, and takes up very little space.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 2
Secac Humidifier: Designed by Wonsang Lee they come as simple white buckets with greenrims and handles. The top looks like a sprout that sits on the top of the water inside the bucket. Once powered on, the sprout moves downwards over the water, turns it into steam and pushes it out into the air.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 3
Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 4
Humidifier from Gizmine: These DIY Humidifiers come in three fun colors and designs; just take out the shape, place them into allotted space and fill it with water.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 5
Sauna Boy Humidifier: This mini USB powered humidifier is compact and lightweight, makes it perfect for travel use or offices.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 6
Casamista Portable Humidifier: Design by Alan Wisniewski for Umbra, this house shaped portable humidifier works with any water bottle or glass. It comes with purifying filter and can be powered by a USB cable connected to your notebook.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 7
Humidifier Version III by Plusminuszero: Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, this colorful humidifier looks stylish and can become part of any modern décor.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 8
Bottle Humidifier: This bottle-shaped desktop humidifier is USB powered, can hold up to half a liter of water in its glass base and works for 13 hours per fill.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 9
Drop Humidifier by Crane: This humidifier has a simple modernist design, comes with 360º nozzle and simple one-touch dial.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 10
Fred Humidifier by Swizz Style: Designed by Matti Walker, this round shaped humidifier stands on its three legs, steam comes out through the tube on the top.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 11
Pudding Humidifier: Its designed to look like a pudding cup, this personal humidifier is small yet powerful enough to moisturize the surrounding air.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 12
Concrete Block Humidifier: The designer was inspired by the characters of the concrete, hence choice of concrete as a base; once all the water is used, it automatically switches itself off.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 13
Steammug: It's a personal humidifier that uses up the leftover water from your drinking cup, to humidify the room.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 14
Non-Electric Humidifier: This bright and colorful humidifier requires no electricity, and makes addition of aromas to the room.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 15
Humidifier by Shin Okada: Made out of Japanese cypress, designed by Shin Okada and crafted by Masuya Koubou, this wood based humidifier requires no electricity to work.

Creative and Modern Humidifiers (15) 16
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