Sep 2, 2013

15 Creative Floating Inspired Designs and Products.

Collection of 'Creative Floating Inspired Designs and Products' from all over the world.

Silhouette Table Lamp: The silhouette design is based on the table lamp and it levitates using electromagnetic technology.

Creative Desk Lamps and Cool Table Lamp Designs (15) 9Levitating Light Bulb: A wirelessly powered light bulb.

Creative Light Bulbs and Unusual Light Bulb Designs (32) 24Floating Cup: Designed by Tigere Chiriga, the handles hold the cup off the ground and appears to be levitating.

Cool Cups and Creative Cup Designs (15) 7
Floating Shelf: Bookshelf Salkim isn't a typical bookshelf; instead of solid wood, thin steel wire was used to form pendants, which hold together group of books.

Awesome Bookshelves and Unusual Bookcases (15) 15
Levitating Salt And Pepper Shakers:

30 Creative Salt and Pepper Shakers (30) 5Floating Coatrack: An unusual coatrack from designers Mehmet Erdi Özgürlük and Anil Ercan.

Modern Wall Hooks and Contemporary Coat Racks (15) 1
Double-Walled Oil/Vinegar Carafes: These are double walled oil and vinegar pourers that gives the liquid a cool floating effect.

Creative and Smart Kitchen gadgets (20) 17Selfshelf Bookshelves: This invisible bookshelf's base is designed to look like a book that attaches securely to your wall and holds your real books, creating an impressive floating effect.

Creative Bookshelves and Awesome Bookcases (15) 4Magnetic Bookends: A metal holder is hidden in the last book cover that draws the magnetic pointer to the metal holder, thus creating a floating illusion.

20 Creative and Cool Bookends (20) 4Magnetic Floating Bed: Designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, priced at 1.2 million euros, this magnetic floating bed can keep 900 kilograms floating in the air.

15 Creative and Cool Bed Designs (18) 2Shiro Pen/ Pencil Holder: This cool holder creates an illusion as if the top ring is floating, but its actually held by a pencil that is welded into the pen holder.

Unusual Pen Holders and Unique Pencil Holders (15) 10Floating Planter: It has a planter in planter, the inner planter floats up to a certain level when water is poured and when the water gets absorbed the inner planter returns to its original state, indicating the replenishment of water.

Creative Planters and Unique Flowerpot Designs (15) 10Buoy Vase: Unusual vase design where the glass inside looks as if it's floating like a buoy.

Unusual Vases and Creative Vase Designs (20) 18Lamp from Baita Design: This cool lamp from Baita Design employs magnetic technology that allows the lamp to levitate.

Stylish Desk Lamps and Modern Table Lamp Designs (15) 4Floating Staircase: This floating staircase is the creation of Jordi Vayreda of Spanish design studio Jordivayreda Projectteam.

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