Aug 30, 2013

10 Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs.

Collection of 'Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs' from all over the world.

GPS Coin: Inbi-Out concept by designer Ju-Wei Chen is a GPS coin to make all your decisions. The coin tosses a 50/50 chance of where you should eat, drink, etc while displaying the final decision on a tiny embedded screen complete with GPS coordinates and directions.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 1
Zeal Optics GPS Ski Goggles: Zeal Optics GPS Ski Goggles are cited as the only pair in the world that provides you with real-time feedback.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 2
Shoes with GPS by Dominic Wilcox: These GPS shoes are designed to guide you home with a click of the heels. All you need to do is input the location onto a map, and then the location is uploaded via USB to the shoes. When you click the heels the GPS system is activated. The lights positioned on the toe of the shoes indicates which direction you should walk next and a green light signaling that you have arrived at your destination.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 3

Open Sight: Open Sight is a GPS navigational device for bicycles that projects powerful directional light arrows, these are visible even during the day.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 4
GPS Snowboarding Jacket: Designed by Nick Ellrich, this snowboarding jacket comes with an integrated GPS watch that displays information such as Time, Speed and Distance upon the sleeve.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 5
Navigation Bracelet: Project Bee is a clever GPS device designed as a fashionable bracelet that uses audible commands and haptic signals to guide the wearer to their destination.

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O'Neill NavJacket: 'NavJacket', is a snowboard jacket that comes with a built-in GPS navigation system.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 7
Nokia Wallet X70: This concept wallet is a handset that makes phone calls and has wallet functionality. It can hold your cash and credit card, write SMS messages, take pictures; supports GPS functions and includes a music player.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 8Unleashed GPS: It has a completely wireless geotagging solution and can be used with all modern Bluetooth GPS receivers. When you take numerous photographs in multiple locations, it can be difficult to remember where a particular photo has come from. This small and compact device can be attached to your camera and it communicates wirelessly with your Bluetooth GPS receiver, and embeds location data in your photo immediately within the camera.

Innovative GPS Gadgets and Designs (10) 9
Maptor: A cool combination of a map and a projector by designer Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park; it is installed with GPS to indicate your current location; you can expand or reduce the displayed map size, and its quite small enough.

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