Jun 5, 2013

10 Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs - Part 2.

Collection of "Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs" from all over the world.

Dabba: This ingenious lunchbox takes its inspiration from Dabbawallas of Mumbai. This lunchbox lets you choose healthy food options with a balanced meal for work. Each box has a food image and is sized to keep portions in check.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 1
Lunchbox by Burcin Ceren Olcum: This creative lunchbox and heating concept by designer Burcin Ceren Olcum consists of a lunchbox that's fitted inside a multiple layer container. It comes with different sections that allow you to take different kinds of foods at the same time; you can reheat your packed meals right at the workstation. It comes with a USB compatible cord that can be simply plugged into a laptop for recharge.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 2
Bento Lunchbox: This Bento Box portable steamer and lunchbox uses induction cooking elements while the water steams through the course of the body. For easy cooking, vegetables, protein, and grains are separated into various containers. The assembly's base heats up using inductive technology; this creates steam from water added to the grains in the bottom container. As the steam rises naturally up the assembly, cooking the grains and the contents of the top two containers. It comes with a built-in timer that allows you to program it when to begin cooking while the double-walled containers act like a thermos keeping the contents warm.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 3
Blomus - 2GO Lunchbox: The 2GO lunch box by Blomus features special pocket for 10" notebook. This lunch bag includes 2 freezer packs and 2 food containers.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 4
Thanko Obento USB Heated Lunch Box: Just plug in your lunchbox to your workstation or laptop to keep your food fresh and warm.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 5
'Box Appetit' Lunch Box Bag: What makes this lunchbox interesting is its bag; pull the bag open to create a mini blanket to sit in the park or use it as a placemat on your desk. The bag has space for a drink and a piece of fruit, or even a bottle of water.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 6
My Lunchbox by Dan Luo: The lunchbox is a convenient way to heat up the lunch without leaving the seat. It can be connected to the notebook via USB. Just simply place the lunchbox into the food warmer and set a time and temperature. When the food is ready, a signal is displayed on the food warmer and a message will appear on the notebook.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 7
Lunch Man: It's a vintage Walkman-shaped lunch box.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 8
Frozzypack Lunchbox: This cool lunch box come with an ingenious container and a frozen cover that keeps food inside chilled and fresh for up to 7 hours. All you need to do is cool the gel cover in the freezer for up to 10 hours to properly chill it and you are good to go.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 9
Stanley Lunch Box Cooler Set: The Stanley's Lunch Box Cooler set uses several layers of foam insulation to keep your food cool for hours and the Vacuum Bottle keeps your liquids at their best temperatures.

Modern Lunchboxes and Cool Lunchbox Designs (10) 10
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