Jun 20, 2013

15 Coolest USB Drives - Part 3.

Collection of 'Coolest USB Drives' from all over the world.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate USB Drive: These drives are available with a capacity between 1GB - 4GB and comes in variety of flavors including Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, Twizzlers, Bubble Yum, and the Hershey's chocolate shown above.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 1
Vulcan USB Drive: This 2GB USB drive is shaped like hands in the vulcan salute.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 2
USB Pencil Drive: This cool USB drive is designed in a pencil shape and is available with a capacity between 2GB - 32GB.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 3
Necklace USB Drive: Stylish shape designed USB drive can be used as a necklace pendant.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 4
USB Carabiner Drive: This carabiner with 4GB storage, allows you to take your climbing gear and important data at the same time.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 5
Snowflake USB Drive: This is a delicate looking snowflake patterned USB drive.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 6
USB Drive by Dialog05: This unusual yet interesting USB drive comes from Dialog05.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 7
Gundam USB Drive: This USB drive, is a "Chibi" version of RX-78 Mobile Suit, comes from Gundam a meta-series of Japanese anime created by Sunrise studios.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 8
Pink Eraser USB Drive: The pink eraser USB drive is a little DIY project that is really easy and straightforward.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 9
Frayed USB Cable - USB Drive: This 2GB USB drive looks like a frayed USB cable plugged into your notebook, but instead it stores data.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 10
Surfboard USB Drive: This cool USB drive is shaped like a small surfboard.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 11
100% Design USB Drive:

Coolest USB Drives (15) 12
Truck USB Drive: Remove the cabin of this truck to use the USB Drive.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 13
USB Stick With Built-In "Post-It": The bamboo USB 2.0 stick can hold 100 mini notes (50×15mm) and has 2GB of memory.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 14USB Drive And Bottle Opener: A cool combination of bottle opener and USB drive in one.

Coolest USB Drives (15) 15Coolest USB Drives (15) 16Don't miss to check out "Coolest USB Drives - Part: 1| 2| 3."

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