Jun 19, 2013

15 Creative iPhone Cases - Part 7.

A collection of creative, cool and unusual iPhone cases from all over the world that makes sure your iPhone stands out from the rest.

Kitten iPhone Case: Shaped like a kitten, this case looks like its holding an iPhone when you attach the cover on your iPhone.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 1
Titanium iPhone 4 Case: Unlike the regular iPhone cases that increase weight and bulk to your smartphone, this case weighs a mere 0.6oz, made in Japan, pressed from a single piece of titanium to protect your device.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 2
Gizmon iCA iPhone Case: This case makes your iPhone look more like a camera; made of 32 pieces of polycarbonate parts, it features a shutter button, an optical viewfinder and a mount for additional conversion lenses over the iPhone's lens.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 3
Saltine Cracker iPhone Case: The Saltine Cracker case by Zero Gravity looks realistic.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 4
Candyshell iPhone Case: With this iPhone case you can leave the wallet or purse at home; you can store creditcard-sized cards (or folded bills) inside the case.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 5
Pay Phone iPhone Case:

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 6
iPhone Scuba Suit: This case is 100% waterproof case that'll give you the dreamiest underwater iPhone photos.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 7
iPhone Paper Case: This cool iPhone case is made from a sheet of heavy weight paper.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 8
Steampunk iPhone Case: This handmade iPhone 4S case features an awesome steampunk style.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 9
3D Nose iPhone Case: To hold this unusual iPhone case you need to keep your two fingers into the nostrils to display its distinctive style.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 10
Cassette Tape iPhone Case: Retro cassette design from the past makes this iPhone case.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 11
Drawing iPhone 4 Case: This innovative iPhone case is inspired by the classic magnetic drawing board; features a mini-size magnetic drawing board on the back, and using the attached magnetic pen, you can draw on the board.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 12
Juicetank iPhone Recharger Case: The 'Juicetank' combines recharger and case for iPhone in one. The integrated wall recharger folds flat to provide maximum portability.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 13
iBike Rider Case: A useful product to use your favorite phone on a bike

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 14
Waterproof iPhone Case: Sanwa waterproof pouch keeps out the water and allows you to use the touch functions of your iPhone.

Creative iPhone Cases (15) 15
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