Jun 18, 2013

15 Cool Extension Cords and Creative Powerstrips - Part 3.

If you had enough of the usual extensioncords and powerstrips, then look no further; we have a creative collection of extensioncords and powerstrips that we are sure you are going to like!

Pyramid Powerstrip: What makes this powerstrip to stand out is its dome-like shape that makes it easier to accommodate larger AC adapters. It has 6 outlets and an illuminated on/off switch and a safety switch cover. Its wide and rounded base gives it added stability compared to the regular rectangular powerstrips that often tip over on its side.

Cool Extension Cords and Creative Powerstrips (15) 1
Draw Rose Extension Cord: This extension cord is a multi-tap design product inside which are power sockets with lines. When you need one all, you need to do is pull out one of these sockets and when not in use these lines are not in open view but hidden inside.

Cool Extension Cords and Creative Powerstrips (15) 2
Waterproof Powerstrip: Wet Circuits has come up with a powerstrip that features a water proof design and special material protecting the circuitry within. So what makes it special? It's said that you can safely touch this powerstrip with moist hands and more interesting is that this powerstrip can even withstand water for about two hours before the special protective material wears off. Though this is strictly unadvisable. Another interesting feature of this powerstrip it that it conducts electric power only when a plug is fully placed in the socket, makes it safe with children.

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Wi-Fi Powerstrip: "iRemoTap," contains a microcomputer and a wireless LAN module, comes from Japanese embedded-systems developer Ubiquitous. The powerstrip comes with a built-in Wi-Fi network, four sockets and the power usage information of each outlet is regularly transmitted to a cloudserver.

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Power Pod: Power Pod design makes it good enough to be kept on the desktop; it comes with power outlets with storage tray cover. It comes in milk and aluminum finish that makes it suitable in any office or home d├ęcor.

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Multi Lines: Multi Lines by Connect Design is an extension cord that doubles as a powerstrip. The Multi Lines comes with three sockets evenly spaced along its length. It's available in three cord lengths of 2 meters, 3 meters and 5 meters.

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Containership Powersupply: Containership Powersupply is designed by giffin'termeer and is produced by kikkerland. The ship neatly accommodates all the adapters and each cord to keep wires at bay.

Cool Extension Cords and Creative Powerstrips (15) 7
Olympic Powerstrip: Russian product designer Yar Rassadin designed the Olympic Powerstrip; the design seems to take its inspiration from medal podiums of the Olympic. This powerstrip lets you decide which gadget is of a winning standard to plug in.

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Plugbook Powerstrip: Plugbook is an innovative powerstrip designed by Dave Hakkens from Netherlands. The powerstrip features a unique book shape and comes with a built-in cable organizer. At the press of a button the integrated cable organizer automatically rewinds its 10 feet of cable into the powerstrip. The powerstrip comes in two versions for USA and EU; each powerstrip comes with 2 USB ports (for recharging for iPad, iPhone, Smartphone etc) and 2 type B sockets.

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Power Bridge: Power Bridge comes with sockets beneath the bridge that hides every cord and keeps them in place. It comes with indicator lights that display the amount of power being used from each outlet making you more energy conscious.

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Three Outlet Power Extension Cord: The power extension cord by Sixis-Design Studio comes with three power sockets. To hide every cord, the cord of the gadgets are rotated around each outlet, while the round shape cover is a power on /off rotatory switch.

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Slottype Power Outlet: An innovative powerstrip that isn't limited to the number of sockets. This powerstrip doesn't have socket or holes, but instead you need to swipe-in to plug-in. This definitely lets you plug-in more plugs than the regular powerstrips. Then you may ask how about 3-pin and 2-pin plugs? Though they are different but it seems it's easy to manage.

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Powerstrip by Wang: This powerstrip allows you to plug in a variety of plugs or adapters from any direction. In a regular two-pin outlet, one is neutral and the other is live. But when it comes to this powerstrip, you can plug in and get neutral one side while the other is live side, regardless of the direction it is being plugged in.

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Modular Powerstrip: When it comes to regular powerstrips, when you plug-in bulky adapters they cover up adjacent sockets. But it isn't the case with this powerstrip; the Modular Powerstrip concept comes with four power outlets and each of these power points are a separate unit. Of these four power outlets at least two of them are capable of rotating 45 degrees around, making them clear on either side. This allows you to plug-in bulky adapters with ease.

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Bull Extension Power Cord: Bull Extension Power Cord is the winner of 2013 iF Design Award for its cleverness. This extension cord comes with an adjustable clamp that allows you to fix it to the corner of desks and tables of different sizes. That means you need not keep it below your desk or table and no more bending to access the power outlets. Women wearing pencil skirts to the office would be more than happy to have them on their desk, as no more bending down to fiddle with the cord beneath their desk.

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