Jun 14, 2013

15 Creative and Cool Dresses - Part 3.

Collection of 'Creative and Cool Dresses' from all over the world.

Twitter Dress: The Twitter dress by Cute Circuit is made from French silk chiffon, speckled with hundreds of glittering Swarovskis, and thousands of lights, and the best part is the dress displays tweets in real time.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 1
Dress N3: Creation of designer S Errazuriz, the dress is made up of many zips, and you can take off the zips that you don't want.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 2Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 3Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 4Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 5Facebook Dress: This cool dress is creation of Romanian fashion designer L Dumitru, it looks like a Facebook profile page.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 6
Color-In Dress: This dress reminds us of the color-it-yourself books from our childhood. B Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman's Color-In Dress has black and white print that one can fill in, you need to simply choose your own color scheme and fill in with the included textile markers. "According to the designers, everyone can interpret it in the way they like best."

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 7Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 8Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 9Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 10Umbrella Dress: This stylish dress was created for Orbit Mist print advertisement.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 11
Dress Tents: Its an art project created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao; "This project consists of wearable architecture and large-scale color photographs that merge the dress tent sculpture with its companion landscape constructing a fashion of place."

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 12Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 13Illusion Dress: Unusual dress created by designers Viktor and Rolf.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 14
Soda Can Pulltabs Dress: The top is made from over 200 pulltabs, collected over a period of 2 years and it took around 10 hours to sew each one on individually.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 15Sponge Dress: An unusual dress created from regular kitchen sponges by Kate Cusack.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 16
Hamburger Dress: A crocheted hamburger dress, that looks yummy.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 17Wooden Dress: The incredible wooden dress is the creation of G Johnston, the entire dress is made of laminated and bent wood.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 18
Toilet Paper Dress: A dress made from toilet paper.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 19
Cake Dress: A wedding cake dress created by Lukka Sigurdardottir.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 20
Balloon Dress: Cool dress made from hundreds of balloons.

Creative and Cool Dresses (15) 21NYC Subway Map Dress: "Vintage New York City subway map provides a clever, colorful print atop a sweetly styled silk dress with a fitted bodice and full, pleated skirt."

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