Jun 29, 2013

12 Clever and Cool Car Advertisements - Part 3.

Collection of Clever and Cool Car Advertisements from all over the world.

Fiat Airplane Window Advertisement: Fiat Idea shaped adhesive stickers were placed on the windows of airplanes with the shades resembling the sunroof.

Clever and Cool Car Advertisements (12) 1
Jeep Mirror Advertisement: Stickers were placed on parked cars' side view mirrors that showed rough terrain where only a Jeep could go.

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Volkswagen Golf R Advertisement: The Volkswagen's Golf R is the fastest Volkswagen ever with 188kW of power. To create hype around this awesome vehicle, people were hired to walk around busy public areas with artificial mouthpieces that mimicked the physical effects of G-Force. These eye-catching promoters wore branded t-shirts that conveyed our message and prompted people to test-drive the new Golf R.

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Skoda Multiplex Advertisement: In Cinergia Multiplex, Italy, the cockpit of Skoda was created using two heavy paper supports; the dashboard was placed on the front of the seat that simulated the steering wheel while the gearshift was placed into the cup holder.

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Lancia Delta 200 HP Advertisement: To advertise in a unconventional way the new Lancia Delta with a green yet extreme powerful 1.8 litre Biturbo 200 HP engine, for about an hour 200 horses showed up in the city of Amsterdam. All these horses were Lancia branded, three Lancia Deltas were hidden within these horses and were shown on the RAI Sqaure.

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Nissan Cinema Ceiling Advertisement: To increase the number of test drives for its Nissan Micra C+C Convertible, to get the feel of driving the convertible the commercial was shown on the cinema ceiling.

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Suzuki Gas station Advertisement: To advertise how cost effective it is to drive one of these 3 Suzuki models, a regular fuel station was transformed into a branded Suzuki gas station, where the fuel was sold at a 30 percent reduced price, which is how much longer these Suzuki models drive per liter compared to the average car in Denmark.

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Land Rover LR4 Escape Key Advertisement: A surprise gift of Land Rover LR4 Escape key was sent to 2400 prospective customers to test drive the vehicle.

Seat Leon Formula Racing Advertisement: A brand new Seat Leon Formula Racing was placed in a box, at the Winterthur main station, Switzerland.

Clever and Cool Car Advertisements (12) 8
Smart Bike Lock Advertisement: To showcase the smart car's impressive ability to park anywhere, an oversized bike lock was created to exaggerate the smart car's ability to park anywhere.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI Advertisement: To announce the arrival of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI packed with advanced features in the Malaysian market, an email was sent out to car enthusiasts. An eDM that mirrored the concept of the car - sleek, with the many advanced featured hidden was created. The interactive device (Ctrl+A) shows the hidden text is the message.

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MINI Wind it Advertisement: To create buzz for MINI in the city of Rio de Janeiro, MINI was transformed into a toy for grown ups, by attaching an oversized rotating wind key to the back. Three cars were driven by British royal guards in strategically located points of the city and interacted with the public.

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