Jun 17, 2013

15 Cool and Useful USB Gadgets.

These days its easy to find a USB port than an electric outlet. To make your world more convenient here we have a collection of 'Cool and Useful USB Gadgets' for you.

My Lunchbox: How about having warm food for your lunch right at your office? This USB enabled base hooks up to your laptop and warms your food; once the food is ready it sends a message to your laptop.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 1
Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 2
Travel Cup: The travel cup holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage or soup etc., and keeps them at perfect temperature no matter where you are. It comes with both USB and a 12V car adapter, so in the office you can connect it to your laptop, and in your car connect it to 12V outlet and have your beverage at its best.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 3
USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner: How much ever you try the work area keeps getting dirty. Here is the solution, this 8 inch high cool retro designed vacuum plugs into your laptop's USB port and keeps your work area clean.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 4
USB Gloves: Want to keep your hands warm while working on your notebook during the winter nights? These USB gloves comes with heating areas in the back of the gloves, and you need to connect it to a USB port on your notebook.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 5
Lamp Flowerpot: Want to have greenery on your desktop but don't have the time for it? This is for you, it's a beautiful combination of a desk lamp and a flowerpot; it uses the USB as its power source, and for data transfer. It comes with a built-in microchip that keeps track of power usage and also detects when you need to water your plant, and notify you via SMS or social networking.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 6
Stick Pin Iron:The stick pin iron is best suited for traveling, it clips your tie in place, powered by either USB or an electric outlet to remove creases.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 7
R2-D2 USB Humidifier: If you want to increase the humidity at your desk, this little gadget is for you. The R2-D2 USB humidifier can increase the humidity at your desk, just pull off its head, put some water and connect it to your laptop.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 8In and Out Toothbrush: Best suited for travel, this in and out toothbrush has a cover with display that keeps the toothbrush clean; just connect it to the USB of your notebook for recharge.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 9
USB Beverage Cooler: Don't want to leave your desk for a cold beverage can as it disturbs your work? Then how about this cool retro styled USB beverage cooler, it comes with a blue light inside and keeps your beverage cool in a stylish way.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 10
Comfish USB Aquarium: The Comfish aquarium can be controlled almost entirely from your notebook. A USB cable supplies power to the tank's lights, the water heater, and the bubbles. Apart from these a little camera inside of the aquarium displays whats going on inside the virtual aquarium on your notebook.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 11
USB Digital Camera: EazzzY is a USB digital camera with no screen, no viewfinder and only one button. You may ask what's the purpose of this gadget then? Designer Sungwoo Park's idea is to combine the working of an analog camera with the ease of digital portability and image retrieval.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 12
USB Air Conditioned Shirt: The USB Air Conditioned Shirt from Japan comes with USB - fans that blow fresh air into the shirt. Stay cool during the summer with this shirt; just wear and plug it to the USB port on your computer or laptop or other devices.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 13
USB HDTV Tuner: The Laptop HDTV receiver is a little USB device that lets you view and record over the air HDTV signals. While using the tuner on a computer or notebook, the software lets you view and record the HD content as MPEG2 or AVI files.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 14
USB Rechargeable Shaver: If you are among those for whom your appearance is important along with getting the work done at time, then this USB Rechargeable Shaver is for you. Take a quick shave even at the office with this portable and lightweight gadget that recharges via USB.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 15
USB Soldering Iron: The USB Soldering Iron can heat up to 300 degrees when powered through one USB port; with dual connector USB cords it gets to 350 degrees. And when you use 9V to mini-USB connector it goes up to 450 degrees. It should be able to manage light-soldering tasks easily.

Cool and Useful USB Gadgets (15) 16
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