Jun 15, 2013

15 Cool Office Supplies - Part 5.

A collection of 'Cool Office Supplies' to make your workday a bit more interesting.

Virtual Keyboard: It projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. It's compatible with smartphones, iPad, MacBook and most laptops that have Bluetooth.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 1
Cool Office Supplies (15) 2

My Lunchbox: The USB enabled base hooks up to your laptop and warms your food; once food is ready it sends a message to your laptop.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 3
Cool Office Supplies (15) 4
Carzor: It's same size as a credit card and can coolly be put into the wallet; its blades are stored behind the mirror.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 5Ecoamp iPhone Amplifier: This ecoamp is made of paper and printed with soy-based inks; it can be assembled and then folded back up for reuse and travel. The iPhone's external speaker is amplified by an articulated horn.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 6

Your Magnet: Your Magnet by LufDesign has an array of applications, includes cable organizer, smartphone stand, key holder, toothbrush holder and many more.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 7
R2-D2 USBdrive: Its design is inspired by R2-D2 with a lot of details, though its only USB 2.0 and comes with max of 16GB capacity.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 8Reuse Pencil Sharpener: What makes this one to stand out is its cool feature that reuses the pencil shaving and turns them into an eraser.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 9Pocket Light Bulb: The pocket light by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee is about the size of a credit card.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 11 Cool Office Supplies (15) 12Cool Office Supplies (15) 13Chalkboard Office Supplies: Label office supplies using chalk as needed and then clean the slate.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 14USB Media Submarine: This cool submarine is a cardreader, USB hub and Bluetooth-equipped.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 15
The Pen Sized Scanner: It's a ballpoint pen that works like a scanner as easily as it writes notes.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 16
Bottle Opening Ruler: Use this cool steel ruler to open up your bottles anytime you need a quick drink.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 17
TEA Thermos: This thermos beautifully masters steeping by combining a timer and a spool.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 18
Dripclips Paperclip Holder: Dripclips dangle magnetically from their little faucet in the kitchen washbasin.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 19
Foldable Pocket Whiteboard: Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard folds down to the size of an index card (3" by 5") and when unfolded, the 27 sections combine to form a 15" by 27" travel whiteboard.

Cool Office Supplies (15) 20
Cool Office Supplies (15) 21
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