May 18, 2013

15 Creative Office Supplies - Part 4.

A collection of 'Creative Office Supplies' to make your workday a bit more interesting.

Foldable Pocket Whiteboard: 27 mini whiteboards unfold into one big white board, it's easy to unfold for group work and then fold into your pocket for travel.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 1

Mini Business Card File Cabinet: This tiny filing cabinet can hold up to 500 business cards and measure only 6.5" tall.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 2
Staplefree Stapler: This stapler doesn't use staples, instead it slices and folds the papers to join them together.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 3
Musical Ruler: This ruler is tuned to key of C, and comes with an instructional book; become a musician in just a few hours - and measure stuff too.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 4

Like/Dislike Self-Inking Stamp Set: The Like/Dislike self-inking stamp set is a better way for people to express their opinions on paper.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 5
USB Toaster Hub: The set includes USB memory cards to be placed in the hub.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 6
Mini Briefcase Business Card Case: This card case looks just like a briefcase, but smaller.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 7
Credit Card Cutlery: As convenient as a credit card that you can keep in your wallet.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 8Office Speak - Rotating Stamp: The Rotating stamp features 16 handy expressions for the office.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 9
Sushi Sticky Notes: Perfect for bookmarks, the set consists of 14 sticky notes shaped like sushi, totaling to 350 stickies.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 10
Camera Pencil Sharpener: Pencil sharpener shaped like a retro twin-lens camera that comes with adjustable sharpness knob and pull-out tray for shavings.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 11
Water Powered Calculator: A cool water powered calculator, thats cool for school or work.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 12
HighStyler - Highlighters: The set consists of 4 highlighter pens, shaped like nail polish bottles.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 13
12-in-1 Multi-Function EvriScissors: Great multi-functional tool for the home and office.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 14
Handtool Pens: Pens comes in different shapes of tools.

Creative Office Supplies (15) 15
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