Apr 22, 2013

20 Coolest Bottle Openers - Part 7.

Open your favorite beverage in style with these coolest bottle openers.

Bottle Opening Ruler: Use this cool steel ruler to open up your bottles anytime you need a quick drink.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 1
Crowbar Bottle Opener: The crowbar bottle opener uses some of that fancy scientific technology to make the bottle opening easier.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 2
Ribbon Bottle Opener: The "Ribbon" opener is formed from a continuous ribbon-like loop, making it exactly the same on either side.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 3
iPod Nano Watch With Built In Bottle Opener: The iPod Nano watch strap incorporates a very handy bottle opener, should you need one anytime anywhere.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 4
Motorcycle Grip Bottle Opener:

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 5
Beerclip: This cool bottle opener is also a money clip.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 6
Top Gear Bottle Opener: The Top Gear bottle opener is a perfect tool to open bottles, unlike the other bottle openers, it can stand upright on any flat smooth surface.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 7
Razor Bottle Opener: Made of stainless steel, this bottle opener in the shape of a razor blade.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 8
Bottle Opener Heels: These are perfect party shoes as they come with a bottle opener on each heel.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 9
Titanium Utility Ring: This titanium utility ring is made from individual titanium plates held together with brass rivets. It cleverly hides a comb, bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade and even a saw.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 10
Pacifier Bottle Opener: This cool bottle opener is shaped like a baby's pacifier.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 11
Old Fashioned Comb Bottle Opener: This old fashioned comb bottle opener is hand-finished and made from high quality stainless steel.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 12
Bar10der: The Bar10der is the only tool you'll ever need. It includes a muddler, knife, channel knife, zester, reamer, jigger, bottle opener, corkscrew and strainer.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 13
Luchador Bottle Openers:

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 14
Cutlery Knife: This outdoor cutlery/knife set is exactly what you need for all your food and beverage needs. It includes 7 functions, including a knife, spoon, fork, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener, and screwdriver.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 15
Cup Puck: The Cup Puck is a collapsible 8oz cup that flattens, and it also has a bottle opener built into it.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 17
Bottle Opening Sunglasses: The Brewsees 12'Oz'ers are sunglasses that double as bottle openers.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 18
Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener: The Kebo one-handed bottle opener makes it easy to open bottles with only one of the hands.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 16
Eton Raptor: The solar-powered device comes with solar smartphone recharger, weather alerts and radio functions, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass, chronograph, flashlight, and even a bottle opener.

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 19
Dog Collar Bottle Opener:

Coolest Bottle Openers (20) 20
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