Sep 18, 2012

15 Creative and Cool Car Advertisements - Part 2.

Clever and creative uses of cars in advertisements by various companies from all over the world.

BMW Billboard Advertisement: A brilliant billboard advertisement for BMW in reply to Audi's billboard.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 1

Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Billboard Advertisement:

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 2
Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox Advertisement: Ford Ranger Extreme matchbox was the part of an advertisement to highlight the Ford's Ranger Extreme, a Limited Edition model bed that allowed for 30% more payload. But most of the truck buyers come from blue-collar industries such as auto repair, construction and plumbing and tend to gather in specific places. 5000 matchboxes that had the Ford's website address were given to potential buyers at their usual gathering places. Over 1600 visited the website, 450 booked for test-drive and 300 test-drove the car. And a matter of fact the Limited Edition Ranger extreme was sold out a month ahead of schedule.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 3Mercedes-Benz AMG Sticker Advertisement: Stickers of AMG were stuck on windows of shuttle flights frequently used by top executives and business people.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 4Ford F-150 Bricks Billboard Advertisement: Clever billboard advertisement of the new '09 F-150's greater towing capacity.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 5Interactive Mini Cooper Billboard: Talking billboards identify approaching Mini Cooper drivers by using a signal from a radiochip embedded in their keys and displays messages based on questionnaires filled out by the owner.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 6
Land Rover Zoo Advertisement: To display the vehicles' adventurous outlook, a Defender, Land Rover's main model was put in a zoo as if it were a wild animal, between the giraffes and zebras. Near the car, there was a description plate similar to the design and copy used on the signs in the zoo.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 7Audi Quattro Advertisement: To display the legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system, super powerful rare earth magnets were attached to the miniature models of the Audi vehicles and then stuck on the metal surface in midst of people attending the Toronto International Film Festival. People had to struggle to take the car off, then they saw the message on the bottom of the car: 'nothing sticks like Quattro'.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 8Fiat 500 Interactive Billboard Advertisement: In this creative project, four media channels; billboard, ticker, text message and Internet came together for the first time in Germany. Passers by could text a message, then read it on the billboard's ticker minutes later.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 9Toyota Yaris Hatchback Car Cover Advertisement: Car covers printed with the design of the new Toyota Yaris, were used to cover all competing models that were parked in the places most frequented by the young segment: college parking area, malls and others.

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(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

Volkswagen Touareg Skilift Advertisement: This creative advertisement was created to advertise the exclusive Volkswagen Tuareg car; large photos of the back of the Touareg were set in the seats of the skilifts to give the feel of being lifted up the mountain in a 4 wheel truck.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 11Ford Endeavour Bookmark Advertisement: To promote the GPS feature of Ford Endeavour, a special bookmark was created that allowed the readers to specifically point the last word they read and get back to it later. These bookmarks were placed in prominent bookstores in cities of India; it cleverly and simply showed what the GPS can do.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 12Landrover Sticker Advertisement: This creative advertisement uses windscreen sticker on the mirrors of the locker rooms to give viewers a feel of them being in a Landrover.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 13Ford Ranger Sticker Advertisement: Several floor graphics imprinted with snow and mud were placed in various city streets. The drivers drove through this difficult road without feeling it; ahead a road signal that read "This is how it feels, Ford Ranger" was placed.

Creative and Cool Car Advertisements (15) 14Honda Billboard with SMS and Bluetooth Interaction: This billboard came up in Dublin for Honda; the customers could "start" the car by texting to an SMS shortcode and could also download information by bluetooth.

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