Jun 22, 2012

15 Ways to Reuse Corks - Part 2.

If you are looking for ways to reuse old corks, then we have cool and functional reuses of corks.

Cork Basket: This functional cork basket gives a creative use for corks.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 1
Cork Coasters: It comes in set of 2; use them separately as coasters or all the 4 together to create a large trivet.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 2
Birdhouse with a Cork Roof: This decorative birdhouse would look great placed on a sill of a kitchen window or on any bookshelf.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 3
Cork Truck: Its creation of J Elftmann, she covered her truck in 10,000 corks.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 4
Cork Doormat: This doormat is made up of 284 corks and measures 29 x 20 1/2 inches.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 4
Cork Art: This was made using 229,764 corks by artist Saimir Strati.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 5Cork Board: If you have a big collection of corks, then this cork board is a good option.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 7
Cork Tree Ornaments: Make cool tree ornaments from corks.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 8
Cork Chair: G Wiese creates creative furniture from corks.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 9
Cork Balls:

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 10
Cork Memo Board: This creative cork memo board is decorative and functional too.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 11
Cork Coasters: It comes in set of four coasters, made from corks and arranged in a hexagon shape, it comes wrapped in a cream colored cotton ribbon for added strength and finished with a flat cork bottom.

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 12
Cork Trivet:

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 13
Cork iPhone Cover:

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 14
Cork Clock:

Ways to Reuse Corks (15) 15
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