Apr 25, 2012

15 Unusual Bottle Openers - Part 6.

Open your favorite beverage in style with these unusual bottle openers.

Brass Bottle Opener: Japanese designer Masanori designed these functional and beautiful brass bottle openers.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 1Roadpopper: It's designed to fasten discreetly to the rails on the underside of the saddle of a bike.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 2Double-Gated Bottle Opener: It's a double sided bottle opener that lets you open the bottles fast and it clips to your keyring, jacket, pants or backpack.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 3Watch Bottle Opener: It's a timepiece that features a buckle on its strap that doubles as a bottle opener.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 4Bottle Key: This cool blank key bottle opener blends in with the other keys on your keyring.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 5Butterfly Can Openers: This colorful can opener sets a new standard with its fresh and colorful design.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 6'Spin To See Who Pays' Bottle Opener: Spin this cool bottle opener to see who buys the next round.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 7'Open' Bottle Opener: It's a cool stainless steel bottle opener that says what it means.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 8Wallet With Bottle Opener:

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 9Hammer Bottle Opener: Made in solid metal, it measures 6-inches long from the hammer's head to the end of the handle.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 10Cool Bottle Opener:

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 116-in-1 Multi Opener: It opens up jar covers, pulls tabs, bottle caps, and many more…

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 12Sabre Opener:

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 13Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher: This handcrafted wall fixable bottle opener comes with a unique cap catcher, attached to a solid oak plank.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 14Wood Bottle Openers: These stylish and functional bottle openers are handmade from a solid piece of wood and comes with brass details creating a vintage feel.

Unusual Bottle Openers (15) 15Don't miss to check out "Coolest Bottle Openers - Part: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6."

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