Nov 24, 2011

15 Unique Bottle Openers - Part 4.

Open your favorite beverage in style with these unique bottle openers.

Universal Remote Bottle Opener: Cool bottle opener changes channels and opens your bottle too.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 1Ribbon Bottle Opener: The ribbon bottle opener is made of polished stainless steel, has a continuous ribbon-like loop that is totally the same on both sides.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 2Limer Bottle Opener: This creative bottle opener looks like a real lime, has a bottle opener inside and can be stored on the fridge's door with the built-in magnet.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 3Baseballcap Bottle Opener: This cool bottle opener has a metal hook right on the brim to open the bottle caps.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 4Keyring and Bottle Opener: This creative bottle opener opens bottles while holding onto the top; and also holds on your keys to the fridge door magnetically.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 5Leonardo Decapper Bottle Opener: This cool bottle opener has got a silver look, and it removes caps in one easy push. And it can be personalized with a message up to 10 letters per line on the opener.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 6Wall Fixable Bottle Opener: It can be fixed at any place convenient for you.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 7Beverage Opener: This multi-function opener opens bottles and cans with easy.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 8Electric Bottle Opener: At the touch of a button, the Oster opener easily opens up to 30 bottles.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 9Magnetic Bottle Opener: Open Sesame bottle opener opens all kinds of bottles and cans fast and easy.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 10Basketball Kitchen Tool: This useful tool combines a bottle opener, peeler and a small amount of handy storage space too.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 11Razor Bottle Opener: This modern bottle opener is shaped like a real razor and is made of stainless steel.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 12Electricity Bottle Opener: Just pass this unusual bottle opener to your friends and laugh when they try to open their bottle.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 13iPhone 4 Bottle Opener: The Opena - iPhone 4 bottle opener is different from the previous iBottle opener, it features a cool slider.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 14Iron Design Bottle Opener: This unusual bottle opener looks smooth and simple.

Unique Bottle Openers (15) 15Don't miss to check out "Unique Bottle Openers - Part: 1| 2| 3| 4."

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