Oct 2, 2011

25 Brilliant and Cool Advertisements - Part 3.

Collection of 'Brilliant and Cool Advertisements' of various companies from all over the world.

Tambour Parking Advertisement: This was created as a part of "Color Month" by Tambour, Israel's largest paint retailer who took over the Hotel Boulevard and painted the sidewalk borders colorfully.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 1La Candelaria's Street Advertisement: Creative use of 3D painting on street and building by La Candelaria.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 2Discovery Channel Subway Advertisement:

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 3Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sticker Advertisement: Stickers of SLS AMG were stuck on windows of shuttle flights frequently used by top executives and business people.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 4Drink Billboard Advertisement: Billboard coupons were invented as a way for people to reduce money spent on necessities like food, dry cleaning and grooming to have more money to buy their product. By partnering with local retailers, they created a program that allowed people to take a picture of their billboard, show the picture to the corresponding retailer and receive savings on selected products and services.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 5TrĂ¢nsito Amigo Truck Advertisement: This truck rode through the trendy streets of Sao Paula metropolitan region with wheel chairs instead of cars in it to let the youngsters know about drink and drive results.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 6Ford F-150 Bricks Billboard Advertisement: Clever billboard advertisement of the new '09 F-150's greater towing capacity.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 7Kyiv Zoo Railing Advertisement: Creative use of railing to promote and remind people to visit 'Kyiv Zoo'.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 8Quiksilver Railing Advertisement: A rail was fixed on two billboards giving passing skaters and bikers the opportunity to make a rail grind.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 9Lucozade Drink Advertisement: To promote 'Lucozade Drink', Graaf Generator was wrapped in Lucozade drink packing and was taken to various offices at 3:30 pm - the 'sleepy time' of the day. The office workers were invited to drink the product; and before that they were asked to place their hands on the generator. The static made their hair stand on the end making them experience the effect of the drink on them.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 10Pescariu Sports and Spa Hair Dresser Apron Advertisement: To promote and communicate the benefits of training, specially designed aprons printed with an image of a perfectly toned body were given to hairdressers. While the hairdresser cuts their hair, the audience had a perfect body for 20-30 minutes making them consider joining gym.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 11Clue Mirror Advertisement: Soap dispensers in washrooms in Toronto, Canada were filled with red colored soap along with a sticker on the mirror to promote 'Clue'.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 12Magnetic Billboard Advertisement:

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 13Nedbank Solar Powered Billboard Advertisement: The billboard stores energy that allows it to be completely self-sufficient.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 14Calcium Flyover Advertisement:

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 15Maximum Ride Sticker Advertisement: To launch the latest book of Maximum Ride, large ground decals were created to show Aucklanders what it was like to stand on the edge of a building and jump.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 16Gym Billboard Advertisement: A clever revolving outdoor billboard demonstrating heavy lifting.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 17Simplymarry.com Advertisement:

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 18Miragetravel Tours Hammock Advertisement: To promote travel packages hammocks were placed in unusual places, such as between two-palm tress on the sidewalk, in front of corporate building, inviting people to break away for a while and take an exotic and relaxing vacation.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 19Ariel Advertisement: To promote the washing powder, mysterious mailing containing a black cloth, some unbranded Ariel washing powder, along with a message to wash the cloth at 20°C. After washing the cloth, it turns pure white, literally showing the benefit of Ariel: 'It's that easy to get your clothes pure and clean at only 20°C.'

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 20Panasonic Nose Trimmer Billboard Advertisements: These clever billboards were built around actual electric wires that amusingly yet convincingly dramatize the need for the Panasonic nose hair trimmer's safety cutting system.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 21Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 22Powerhouse Gym Advertisement: This cool outdoor ad shows a body builder doing 'Cable Flys' on a double-crane construction site, creating an illusion that he is lifting the heavy weight from the construction site.

Brilliant and Cool Advertisements (25) 23Colgate Toothpaste Building Advertisement: On a Frankfurt office tower a huge illuminated display of Colgate toothpaste was installed. And special arrangements were made to leave the lights on in a coordinated row of offices in the skyscraper, resulting in a sparkling row of teeth that could be seen for miles around.

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