Aug 25, 2011

Clever Escalator Advertisements - Part 2.

Clever uses of escalators in advertising by various companies from all over the world.

Demolicion Magazine Escalator Advertisement: Surfboard shaped floor stickers were placed on the moving walkways to promote extreme sports magazine 'Demolicion'.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 1Venus Escalator Advertisement: A huge leg was installed on the escalator creating an illusion that people holding the handrail were running their hands down the smooth leg, demonstrating to the commuters the smooth benefits of Gillette Venus.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 2Pritt Escalator Advertisement: To promote its new correction tape and display its durability, escalator handrails at various shopping centers mimicked the endless correction tape.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 3DHL Escalator Advertisement: This creative escalator advertisement demonstrates DHL's inexplicable ability to reach on time regardless of conditions. The areas on either side and between the escalators were covered with huge bird's-eye view of Hong Kong highway with stationary vehicles; and the moving handrails then acted as a fast lane with a steady flow of little yellow DHL vans racing past.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 4Revita Escalator Advertisement: Creative escalator advertisement for Revita beauty center.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 5Tata Mutual Fund Escalator Advertisement: This cool escalator advertisement of Tata Tax Saving Fund creatively displays the dual benefit of lower taxes and higher returns.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 6Film Festival Escalator Advertisement: Escalators were turned into rolls of film with strategically placed stickers, to remind viewers about the Gothenburg International Film Festival.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 7Sushi Roll Escalator Advertisement: This one cleverly uses the handrails of the escalator to create a sushi train.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 8HSBC Escalator Advertisement:

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 9Food Court Escalator Advertisement: A creative use of escalator handrails for advertisement by Food Court to promote its products.

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 10Homer Movie Escalator Advertisement:

Clever Escalator Advertisements (11) 11Don't miss to check out the “Clever Escalator Advertisements - Part: 1| 2.”

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