Jun 27, 2011

Handwritten Faces - Portraits.

"Word Portraits" is a series of illustrations by artist Sokol. What makes these interesting is the fact that the lines of the faces of the portraits are made from the very words of their own works. Here we have a few of our favorite portraits, and be sure to check out the rest here - link.

Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 1(Image credit: © Sokol).
Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 2Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 3Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 4Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 5Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 6Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 7Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 8Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 9Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 10Handwritten Faces - Portraits (11) 11Other Posts:
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