Mar 1, 2011

Graphite Sculptures by Agelio Batle.

These functional art objects with an intricately detailed form in graphite and that writes like a pencil are handmade using innovative techniques by sculptor Agelio Batle.

Graphite Sculptures (15) 1(Image credit: asbworkshop).
Graphite Sculptures (15) 2Graphite Sculptures (15) 3Graphite Sculptures (15) 4Graphite Sculptures (15) 5Graphite Sculptures (15) 6Graphite Sculptures (15) 7Graphite Sculptures (15) 8Graphite Sculptures (15) 9Graphite Sculptures (15) 10Graphite Sculptures (15) 11Graphite Sculptures (15) 12Graphite Sculptures (15) 13Graphite Sculptures (15) 14Other Posts:
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