Sep 11, 2010

Creative and Cool Comb Designs.

Collection of ‘Creative and Cool Comb Designs' from all over the world.

Switch Comb: It measure 9" long, made of metal with a plastic comb; push of a button, you get the comb as it swivels out from the handle.

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 1Comb-At and Combmando: The red comb called 'Comb-At' is designed by Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani. And the black/yellow combs called 'Combmando' is the creation of Studio Studiobo.

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 2Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 3Knuckle Comb by Kosmos Project: A gadget for fashionable women that combines protection and elegance in to one.

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 4Fine Comb: Styling your hair in public with this comb can surprise people around you.

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 5Once Was Comb: "We are so used to some everyday objects that sometimes we don't realize what's behind them, where do they came from."

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 6OOF Studio's Musical Hair Combs:

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 7Comb USB 2GB Drive: It's a combination of hair comb and USB drive; it allows for easy reach of data and can be placed in your jeans.

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 8Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 9Long Handled Comb:

Creative and Cool Comb Designs (11) 10-----------------------------------------
Creative Comb Advertisements:

Musical Comb Business Card: Modhair, a Rome Rock 'n Roll hair salon needed a creative and interesting business card. Using the same principle of a music box comb, this comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail.

Creative Comb Advertisements (2) 1Rejoice - Huge Comb for Tangled Hair: Advertisement created by Leo Burnett Ad Agency for Rejoice Conditioners. The message on the comb, reads - "Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioner."

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