Aug 21, 2010

Creative Art by Shawn Smith.

Texan artist Shawn Smith creates impressive three-dimensional sculptures in pixel art using material like plywood. His creations falls in the intersection between the digital world and reality. He is more interested in how one experiences nature through technology; and when one sees images of nature on TV or on a computer screen, one feels that they are seeing nature. But the fact is they are only seeing patterns of pixilated light. For the past few years, he has been creating a series of 'Re-things' - pixilated sculptures. He builds these sculptures pixel by pixel to understand how each pixel plays an important role in the identity of an object. The building process starts with a full sheet of material like plywood that is then cut into halves of varying lengths--typically 1/2" to 2' long. Then each of these individual wood blocks is hand dyed in dyes mixed from ink and acrylic paint. He creates a huge palette of colors by mixing each color by hand in order to give the sculpture more depth and visual interest before assembling the object. Impressive!

Creative Art (12) 1(Image credit: shawnsmithart).
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