Aug 23, 2010

Creative Typewriter Art by Keira Rathbone – Part 3.

Artist Keira Rathbone uses vintage typewriters to create her amazing art. She spends up to 90 hours on each work of art; she constructs these portraits from thousands of letters, numbers and symbols. Her drawings range from beautiful landscapes to famous people. Well what more can be said about her work except that these pictures really are worth a thousand words. Impressive!

Creative  Typewriter Art (6) 1(Image credit: thevine).
Creative  Typewriter Art (6) 2Creative  Typewriter Art (6) 3Creative  Typewriter Art (6) 4Creative  Typewriter Art (6) 5Creative  Typewriter Art (6) 6Don’t miss to check out “Creative Typewriter Art – Part: 1| 2| 3”.

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