Aug 24, 2010

Flying Drawbridge - Slauerhoffbrug.

Slauerhoffbrug also known as the 'Flying Drawbridge', is located in the city of Leeuwarden in Netherlands. The roadway of this fully automatic bascule bridge is 15m by 15m; its painted in yellow and blue, the colors representative of Leeuwarden's flag. It uses two extending hands to actually lift the section of road up and out of the way to let boats through. It stops the vehicular moment on the road for a short while as it can quickly and efficiently be raised and lowered from one pylon (instead of hinges). A simple, but unusual and elegant design. Pretty amazing!

Flying Drawbridge (11) 1(Image credit: 1, 2).
Flying Drawbridge (11) 2Flying Drawbridge (11) 5Flying Drawbridge (11) 3Flying Drawbridge (11) 4Flying Drawbridge (11) 6Flying Drawbridge (11) 7Flying Drawbridge (11) 8Flying Drawbridge (11) 9Flying Drawbridge (11) 10Flying Drawbridge (11) 11Don't miss to check out these interesting bridges: Water Bridge| Rolling Bridge| Fountain Bridge| Railway Bridges| Rotating Boatlift| The Millau Viaduct.

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