Aug 12, 2010

Creative Pixel Artwork of Ian Wright.

Artist Ian Wright creates fine art using mascara, notepads, pins, ribbons, cups, badges…… He creates pixel-based artwork using all kinds of different materials. Ian is motivated by trying to push his work somewhere new. He prefers to let the materials used to influence the outcome of his artwork.

Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 1(Image credit: mrianwright).
Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 2Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 3Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 4Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 5Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 6Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 7Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 8Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 9Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 10Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 11Creative Pixel Artwork (12) 12Check more of his artwork here - link.

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