Aug 31, 2010

Cool and Creative Paper Made Musicians.

These beautiful figurines of musicians and their musical instruments are handmade using colored paper with incredible details. Musicians include Queen, Bob Marley, and Beatles. Click here for some pictures of the creation process.

Cool and Creative Paper Made Musicians (6) 1(Image credit: designerscouch).
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Aug 30, 2010

V8 Hotel - Car Centered Rooms.

The V8 Hotel, named after the famous eight cylinder engine is located in the center of Stuttgart's Meilenwerk - a German international hub for car dealers. It offers 23 standard rooms, 10 large rooms, and a 120sqm suite. Many of these rooms are decorated with car themes that contain real cars and auto accessories. You will find here anything from classics, sports cars, a mercedes-benz car wash, 70's cadillac drive-in cinema, and also a morris minor garage. The themed rooms include a autokino (drive-in-movie-theater with a caddy bed), V8 camping room, racing (manufacturer logos and racers at the track), werkstatt (a garage with a morris and mechanic's legs), carwash (old benz with brushes), vision (a turbine-like sleeping area), tuning (with racing buckets and a lot of tiger print), tankstelle (gas station with a herbie), and motorcycle (with an out-west Route 66 theme).

Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 1(Image credit: Frank Hoppe).
Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 2Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 4Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 5Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 6Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 7Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 8Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 9Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 10Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 11Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 12Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 13Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 14Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 15Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 16Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 17Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 18Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 19Hotel Car Centered Rooms (21) 3Other Posts:
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Aug 29, 2010

Optical Illusion Tape.

Hinge tape is the creation of product designers Hyoungmin Park and Jeongmin Lee; what makes this tape roll interesting is the realistic looking hinges on it. It sure adds creativity on the box.

Optical Illusion Tape (4) 1(Image credit: yankodesign).
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Aug 28, 2010

Starwars Mini Amigurumi Patterns.

Crafter Lucyravenscar is selling crochet patterns that allows anyone with a crochet hook to create mini amigurumi of popular Starwars characters. Each pattern sells for $3.50 (USD), two patterns for $6 or all ten patterns together for $26. All you got to do is go to Lucyravenscar's Etsy shop to place your order.

Starwars Mini Amigurumi Patterns (11) 1(Image credit: 1, 2, 3).
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Aug 27, 2010

Creative and Unusual Stationery Designs.

Jung von Matt advertising agency created these unusual and creative stationery designs for 13th Street, a television channel in Europe owned by NBC Universal Global Networks. This creative and awesome concept offers interaction using the everyday office stationery. Impressive!

Creative Stationery Designs (9) 1(Image credit: behance).
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Aug 26, 2010

Cool and Creative Staple Art.

For most of us when we look at staples, it's nothing more than an office stationary. But these very staples can turn into creative works of art in the hands on the artists. What we have here is the work of art created using use tens of thousands of ordinary staples. These portrait, drop and street sculptures are the creation of Robobriendesign.

Creative Staple Art (6) 1(Image credit: robobriendesign).
Creative Staple Art (6) 2Creative Staple Art (6) 3Creative Staple Art (6) 4Creative Staple Art (6) 5Creative Staple Art (6) 6Don't miss to check out incredible Staple: Art| Skyscrapers.

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