Jul 21, 2010

The Human Camera - S Wiltshire.

London born architectural artist S Wiltshire, is also known as the "human camera" for his ability to draw an entire cityscapes in depth after seeing it just once. He amazed everyone by drawing hundreds of London's buildings in exact scale, a 7 square-mile area from his own memory after just a 20 minutes flight with the helicopter over the city. His works are popular all over the world, and displayed in many important collections. Check out the rest of his amazing work here - link.

The Human Camera (9) 1(Image credit: odditycentral).
The Human Camera (9) 2(Image credit: creativereview).
The Human Camera (9) 3(Image credit: pululanteser).
The Human Camera (9) 4(Image credit: taranakisketcher).
The Human Camera (9) 5(Image credit: Credit).
The Human Camera (9) 6(Image credit: otzarareason).
The Human Camera (9) 7(Image credit: otzarareason).
The Human Camera (9) 8(Image credit: lostateminor).
The Human Camera (9) 9(Image credit: odditycentral).
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