Jun 21, 2010

Camouflage Poster Art by Fred Lebain.

French photographer Fred Lebain creates creative camouflage posters that blend into their surroundings. After taking photos at various sites in New York City, he revisited the same location with poster-sized prints and re-photographed them in their original settings.

Camouflage Poster Art (9) 2(Image credit: designboom, propice).
Camouflage Poster Art (9) 3Camouflage Poster Art (9) 4Camouflage Poster Art (9) 6Camouflage Poster Art (9) 1Camouflage Poster Art (9) 5Camouflage Poster Art (9) 7Camouflage Poster Art (9) 8Camouflage Poster Art (9) 9Other Posts:
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