Jun 1, 2010

Pencil Vs Camera Series by Heine.

Pencil Vs Camera Series is the creation of a talented Belgian artist Heine; its a combination of photographs with pencil drawings. Awesome!
Heine had been taking photos and drawing since almost 10 years and this series is the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of his artistic experience.
"I went outside and Drew " Pencil Vs Camera 1 " which is very simple and shows 2 chairs with a small table. About ¼ of the scene is represented on the paper, the other ¾ happens on the photo. So this is roughly how the project started."
About the artist:
"He was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He studied graphic arts and sculpture and also has a degree in journalism. His many years of graphic exploration, artistic experience and his very own vision of the world have led him to this very singular style."
This series is growing every week, to see more of his creative art, visit his blog and flickr page.

Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 1(Image credit: benheine).
Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 2Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 3Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 4Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 5Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 6Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 7Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 8Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 9Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 10Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 11Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 12Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 13Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 14Pencil Vs Camera Series (16) 15Other Posts:
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