Apr 5, 2010

Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed.

Recently we came across Ehren Reed's work and it impressed us immensely as we found out that she is merging different worlds; sewing, craft and technology. Her work relies upon books, maps and other found materials as she blends together traditional craft, contemporary media and remnants of consumer culture. Her process employs digital media reinterpreted through stitching and embroidery.

Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed (6) 1(Image credit: ehrenreed).
Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed (6) 2Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed (6) 3Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed (6) 4Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed (6) 5Pixelated Works by Ehren Reed (6) 6Other Posts:
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