Apr 21, 2010

Driftwood Horse Art by Heather Jansch.

These driftwood horse sculptures are the creation of artist Heather Jansch, she lives and works in West Country of England. It's really amazing to know that one can use driftwood to create such beautiful work of art. And what we have here is one such amazing creative work of art by Jansch who managed to put these branches together to form such an incredible art.

Driftwood Horse Art (14) 1(Image credit: hemmy).
Driftwood Horse Art (14) 2Driftwood Horse Art (14) 3Driftwood Horse Art (14) 4Driftwood Horse Art (14) 5Driftwood Horse Art (14) 6Driftwood Horse Art (14) 7Driftwood Horse Art (14) 8Driftwood Horse Art (14) 9Driftwood Horse Art (14) 10Driftwood Horse Art (14) 11Driftwood Horse Art (14) 12Driftwood Horse Art (14) 13Driftwood Horse Art (14) 14Other Posts:
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