Apr 28, 2010

Creative and Cool Wetsuit Designs.

Have you ever given it a thought that why most of the wetsuits have a monotone design? Most wetsuits are designed to be functional and protective but there is nothing that says they can't be creative? For a change, here are some creative and interesting wetsuit designs which are sure to be an alternative.

Creative Wetsuit Designs by Diddo: These wetsuit designs were created using custom inks and unique printing techniques to map original and lifelike textures onto suits that evoke the mysteries of the seas.

Creative and Cool Wetsuit Designs (6) 1Creative and Cool Wetsuit Designs (6) 2Creative and Cool Wetsuit Designs (6) 3Star Trek Wetsuits: These wetsuits feature iconic uniform colors & rank insignias from Star Trek: The Original Series. These wetsuits are made using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Each individual wetsuit is custom made and tailored to your exact measurements for a perfect fit and unmatched performance. Available in three colors: Command Yellow, Science Blue, and Engineering Red.

Creative and Cool Wetsuit Designs (6) 4Creative and Cool Wetsuit Designs (6) 5Superhero Wetsuits: Are you are among those who thought about diving wearing a wetsuit that looks like a superhero outfit? If yes, then you can have your own wetsuit made for you from Wetwear. They have made suits that look like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and many others. There have been many requests for Spiderman suits, but the design of the suit does not lend itself to this type of construction.

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