Apr 15, 2010

Unusual and Clever Toothpaste Heads - Part 2.

Here we have for you 'Unusual and Clever Toothpaste Heads'.

Toothpaste Pete (dog) and Toothpaste Oscar (cat) were so popular and many people wanted more Toothpaste Heads. Going in with popular demand the company came out with two new Toothpaste Heads: Toothpaste Bubbles and Toothpaste Rex. These two are sure to encourage kids to brush their teeth. And how can we forget Spread Heads Mustard Marvin and Ketchup Charlie? And how can they be left alone? It seems the company is coming very soon with more two Spread Head characters, but the secret isn't out yet but you will be the first to know. Stay tuned!
(Thanks Gillingwater for the tip).

Unusual and Clever Toothpaste Heads (4) 1Unusual and Clever Toothpaste Heads (4) 2Unusual and Clever Toothpaste Heads (4) 3Unusual and Clever Toothpaste Heads (4) 4Other Posts:
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