Apr 1, 2010

Matt Stuart's Street Photography.

There is something special and unique about photographer Matt Stuart's 'Street Photography', these photographs are honest pictures that display beauty and significance of the everyday life which otherwise would have gone unnoticed by the rest of us. And what makes them more interesting is the fact that these are entirely spontaneous. And this makes it necessary for Stuart to be in the right place at the right time. He is always ready with his small Leica camera, lots of optimism and patience to make an image and move on.
More of his photography can be seen on mattstuart.com

Street Photography (16) 1(Image credit: mattstuart).
Street Photography (16) 2Street Photography (16) 3Street Photography (16) 4Street Photography (16) 5Street Photography (16) 6Street Photography (16) 7Street Photography (16) 8Street Photography (16) 9Street Photography (16) 10Street Photography (16) 11Street Photography (16) 12Street Photography (16) 13Street Photography (16) 14Street Photography (16) 15Street Photography (16) 16Other Posts:
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