Apr 15, 2010

Incredible Book Paintings.

Today we have for you the 'Incredible Book Paintings' by artist Mike Stilkey from Alta Dena, California. He creates amazing work of art by painting on books. Stilkey has been drawing on book pages for quite a long time and had even published a book in 2005 titled "100 Portraits" which had 100 portraits painted on old book pages. Eventually, he started to paint on the book covers themselves. It was during one of his projects that he planned to paint the books and then place them all against the wall. But later he had change of plans, and instead of just painting on the covers of the books he decided to paint the bookspines. Although he didn't think much of his first work, but, later he presented it during the second Artist's Annual group show where it got quite a lot of attention. And the rest is history…………………

Incredible Book Paintings (11) 10(Image credit: mikestilkey, fecalface).
Incredible Book Paintings (11) 7Incredible Book Paintings (11) 8Incredible Book Paintings (11) 5Incredible Book Paintings (11) 6Incredible Book Paintings (11) 11Incredible Book Paintings (11) 1Incredible Book Paintings (11) 2Incredible Book Paintings (11) 3Incredible Book Paintings (11) 4Incredible Book Paintings (11) 9Other Posts:
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