Apr 2, 2010

Amazing Animal Camouflage.

We have seen impressive camouflage works of some of the finest artists, but what we have here today is something unique. These animals have mastered the art of camouflage or rather it's a gift to them from Mother Nature to protect themselves and to survive. These animals are very impressive in their own way and yet we (humans) with all the technology and knowledge at our disposal haven't been able to surpass them in camouflage. You don't agree with us? Then have a look at this collection and decide for self.

Animal Camouflage (51) 1(Image: Credit).
Animal Camouflage (51) 2Animal Camouflage (51) 3Animal Camouflage (51) 4Animal Camouflage (51) 5Animal Camouflage (51) 6Animal Camouflage (51) 7Animal Camouflage (51) 8Animal Camouflage (51) 9Animal Camouflage (51) 10Animal Camouflage (51) 11Animal Camouflage (51) 12Animal Camouflage (51) 13Animal Camouflage (51) 14Animal Camouflage (51) 15Animal Camouflage (51) 16Animal Camouflage (51) 17Animal Camouflage (51) 18Animal Camouflage (51) 19Animal Camouflage (51) 20Animal Camouflage (51) 21Animal Camouflage (51) 22Animal Camouflage (51) 23Animal Camouflage (51) 24Animal Camouflage (51) 25Animal Camouflage (51) 26Animal Camouflage (51) 27Animal Camouflage (51) 28Animal Camouflage (51) 29Animal Camouflage (51) 30Animal Camouflage (51) 31Animal Camouflage (51) 32Animal Camouflage (51) 33Animal Camouflage (51) 34Animal Camouflage (51) 35Animal Camouflage (51) 36Animal Camouflage (51) 37Animal Camouflage (51) 38Animal Camouflage (51) 39Animal Camouflage (51) 40Animal Camouflage (51) 41Animal Camouflage (51) 42Animal Camouflage (51) 43Animal Camouflage (51) 44Animal Camouflage (51) 45Animal Camouflage (51) 46Animal Camouflage (51) 47Animal Camouflage (51) 48Animal Camouflage (51) 49Animal Camouflage (51) 50Animal Camouflage (51) 51Other Posts:
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