Mar 18, 2010

20 Cool And Creative Drinking Straws.

Collection of cool and creative drinking straw designs that will spice up anyone's party.

Connectible Drinking Straws: 'You can have multiple points of entry on this straw, which means you can mix up your drinks even though they might be in different cups!'

Screaming Straw: To activate, simply drink your favorite beverage through the straw and it comes to life and screams.

Bowling Pin Straw: Straws shaped like a bowling pin.

More Than A Straw: ' Never drink alone and get to know more party people with these straws - actually you can't drink alone, so you have to find a partner...'

Stainless Steel Straws: These sleek and reusable straws look like they'll last a long long time.

Straw Made From Straw: 'It is a straw that's actually made from a piece of straw.'

Sports Straw: Catch the fun with this fun sports theme.

Straw Football Cup: 'It is shaped like a football with a green straw curved around the outside.'

Drinking Glasses Straw:

Glow Straws: 'Once activated will glow all night long. As you drink your beverage the glowstick inside the straw will travel up with your beverage then fall back to the bottom of the straw.'

Spongebob Squarepants Straws: 'A fun blue and white striped straw with...'

Art Effect - Paper Straws: Paper straws in your choice of red/white, gray/white, or blue/white.

Chili Pepper Straws: Each 3" tissuepaper pepper is on an assorted color 10" flexible straw.

iStraw: As a matter of fact this straw is a water purification drinking straw.

Straw - Dots: 'Each has a raised decorative Dot that not only personalizes your drink, but also keeps the straw from rolling.'

Birdie Straws: These look cute.

Bamboo Straws: Unique, practical and Earth-friendly.

(Image: Credit).
Party Straw: They seem to get the things rolling.

Tinkerball Straws: Straws with an emblem of tinkerball on each one.

Silver Straw: Straw with attached filter, called a bombilla.

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