Mar 12, 2010

Acrylic Paint on People By Alexa Meade.

We have always seen acrylic paint on canvas, but now we have the work of artist Alexa Meade, who has creatively used the human body as her canvas. The results are really impressive.
'She is an installation artist in Washington, DC. She has innovated a painting technique that can perceptually transform three dimensional space into a two dimensional plane. There is no post processing or digital manipulation involved in this project.' Here is rest of her work - link.

Acrylic Paint on People (10) 1(Image credit: alexameade).
Acrylic Paint on People (10) 2Acrylic Paint on People (10) 3Acrylic Paint on People (10) 4Acrylic Paint on People (10) 5Acrylic Paint on People (10) 6Acrylic Paint on People (10) 7Acrylic Paint on People (10) 8Acrylic Paint on People (10) 9Acrylic Paint on People (10) 10Other Posts:
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