Mar 8, 2010

Etched Leather Artwork By Mark Evans.

We have seen numerous art creations by various artists in their unique styles; but how does one stand out from the rest? It's not easy to stand out among hundreds and thousands of creative artists who are in a never ending process of creating something that's remarkable!
Leather artist Mark Evans creates portraits of famous faces, all hand-etched into leather hides. He creates artwork using knives as his 'paintbrushes', something which we haven't seen in the past. The making process requires lots of patience; days, weeks, even months go by until his work is completed. But once it's done, a masterpiece is revealed. These amazingly life-like hand-etched portraits that seem to cost up to £250,000 have now made him a favorite of celebrity A-listers, Premier League & International footballers and Royal Palaces.
Here you can see some more of his amazing masterpieces which are hand-etched into leather hides; visit his site here.

Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 1(Image credit: markevansart).
Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 2Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 3Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 4Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 5Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 6Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 7Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 8Etched Leather Artwork  (9) 9Other Posts:
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