Mar 24, 2010

Star Trek Apartment.

A Star Trek fan turned his apartment into a replica of television's most famous spaceship. He began his project in 1999 after his wife left him, and transformed his home into the ultimate home-made Star-Trek set in 2004. His 500 square feet one-bedroom studio apartment in Hinckley, Leicestershire is a replica of Star Trek Enterprise starship flight deck. It includes a command console, windows reshaped to look like portholes and features like voice-activated lighting, air conditioning, and other interesting stuff but has no bed. The experience he gained allowed him to set up his own interior design company, 24th Century Interior Design. He spent £100,000 that he borrowed from 2 big loans and 14 credit cards for marketing his idea and paying for the merchandise. He was convinced that Trekkies all over the world would want a house like his and pay him for makeover. But things didn't turn out as he planned, "he says, but I was wrong and just overstretched".

Star Trek Apartment (11) 1(Image credit: odditycentral).
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