Feb 23, 2010

Art Papier By DM.

We have seen the paper work created by Callesen, and now we present to you the work of the French artist 'DM', whose creations we are sure will impress you. 'DM' has been a photographer and a visual illustrator director for over 25 years now and wanted to create something simple yet not related to technology. During his search, he found the perfect material to use as his medium to express his ideas - 'white paper'. It's clean and easily manageable but you need to know how to convey your creativity and feelings using it. The choice seems to be simple and natural as he has been using the paper for printing his photographs in books, calendars and posters. Apart from this there was a special reason for him to choose paper; since his childhood he handled paper with comfort and ease and at the age of 57 he had another opportunity to relive those memories of his childhood.
As a true professional, for the past 14 months; he cuts, folds and glues the white paper to build the fragile creation of art. His works are in the form of little scene graphs allowing an immediate understanding. He draws his inspiration from things in life, trying to symbolize them up in his visual discourse.
Between the initial idea and its final achievement, it may take several weeks. He finds his graphics (often from photos) and then simplifies it to be adapted for cutting, folding and sculpting. These creations sometimes take up to 70 hours and he uses Canson paper (mainly Montval 185 gr) for his creations. Here is rest of his artwork - link.

Art Papier (11) 1(Image credit: artpapier).
Art Papier (11) 2Art Papier (11) 3Art Papier (11) 4Art Papier (11) 5Art Papier (11) 6Art Papier (11) 7Art Papier (11) 8Art Papier (11) 9Art Papier (11) 10Art Papier (11) 11360 ° View of his studio | 360 ° View of the exhibition | Photo Black & White.

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