Feb 25, 2010

15 Cool Mac Laptop Stickers.

What makes your MacBook stand out from the rest? If you want it to stand out or separate yourself from other Apple laptop users, then these stickers will help you to customize your laptop.

Mr. Caterpillar Mac Laptop Sticker: 'Do not tease Mr. Caterpillar guys, he is busy with his lunch and he may become agitated. Well, at least now you know what happened to the missing part of your apple!'

Laptop Stickers (15) 1Image Selection Mac Laptop Sticker: 'Select, resize, move, copy and paste! How would you like to modify your apple?'

Laptop Stickers (15) 2Snow White Mac Laptop Sticker: An interesting one which makes it look like Snow White is holding the Apple logo.

Laptop Stickers (15) 3Apple History Laptop Sticker: 'Only a few know that at the beginning the apple was full. Then someone took a bite, another bite, and then again another…'

Laptop Stickers (15) 4Tictactoe Mac Laptop Sticker: 'Okay, who's the Joker who filled in the apple? You Are!'

Laptop Stickers (15) 5Applecharlie Laptop Sticker: 'Ah, nostalgia of silent movies in black and white, when a glance was enough to excite!'

Laptop Stickers (15) 6My Headphones Mac Laptop Sticker: For those who dedicated their lives to music.

Laptop Stickers (15) 7Pulp Fiction Mac Laptop Sticker: Put Jules on your Apple laptop.

Laptop Stickers (15) 8Squirrel Mac Laptop Sticker: 'Give this squirrel a home on your laptop. It playfully chomps down on your apple logo and forgets about it's other nuts.'

Laptop Stickers (15) 9Iron man Mac Laptop Sticker: Apple logo creatively used as the light panel for the Iron man armor.

Laptop Stickers (15) 10Snow White's Revenge Mac Laptop Sticker: 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the baddest girl of them all?'

Laptop Stickers (15) 11Magpie Mac Laptop Sticker: 'Watch out, sparkling objects attract these mischievous birds and your apple could fly away from you!'

Laptop Stickers (15) 12 iColors Mac Laptop Sticker:

Laptop Stickers (15) 13FLCL Mac Laptop Sticker:

Laptop Stickers (15) 14Cat Is On The Prowl Mac Laptop Sticker: 'It's about to make a snack out of your apple logo that's posing as a fish.'

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