Feb 8, 2010

Just Between You And Me: Keetra D Dixon.

'Just Between You And Me', by designer and artist Keetra D Dixon. She has a NYC based workshop that mainly focuses towards non-commissioned work. Her work has been recognized on several fronts including a place in the permanent design collection at the SFMOMA and she has been featured in numerous publications, speaking engagements, and exhibits. Her socially-themed objects & installations try to involve the viewers as active participants.
Do check the rest of her work here - Link.

'Just Between You And Me'.

Just Between You And Me (7) 1(Image credit: Keetra D Dixon).

'Every Breath You Take'.

Just Between You And Me (7) 2'Significant Spooning'.

Just Between You And Me (7) 3'Just keeping an eye on you'.

Just Between You And Me (7) 4'I could talk to you forever'.

Just Between You And Me (7) 5'In Your Eyes'.

Just Between You And Me (7) 6'I've got your back'.

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