Feb 2, 2010

How Limousines are Made.

Have you ever given a thought as to how limousines are made? Though, the general impression is that the coachbuilder cuts the car into two halves; and adds some more components to transform the original car into a "stretch" limousine. But this isn't as simple as it sounds. There are many factors apart from the safety rules and regulations that need to be implemented during the conversion. Today, we bring you an insight into how limousines are made, though this isn't the exact procedure that's followed in the industry nor is it step by step pictorial. But for sure its going to cover the major points during the conversion process.
Our special thanks to Limo, Limousines World and Hummer Hummer for providing us the details of conversion and the images.

how limousines are made (16) 1(Image credit: Limo, Limousines World, Hummer Hummer).
The most common vehicles used for the conversions are Lincoln Town Car, Ford Excursion, Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac, Cadillac Deville, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer, Mercedes and Infiniti to build the new limousines. Other cars can be used for custom build limousines as well. Before the conversion process the interiors are removed; to protect the paint, base unit and un-removed interiors are covered with protective paper.

how limousines are made (16) 2Apart from this the dashboard, door panels and door glass are also covered.

how limousines are made (16) 3Once all these are done the base unit is almost ready to be pushed forward onto the "Rails". A temporary X brace is welded in place prior to cutting the base unit into two. This is done to keep the base unit from warping during the cutting process and this allows it to stay in place until the actual process of stretching the base is complete.

how limousines are made (16) 4how limousines are made (16) 5Coachbuilders/factories cut the vehicle to an exact specification maintaining all specifications equal to or above QVM and CMC standards. And the vehicle is been stretched and the roofline is been extended.

how limousines are made (16) 6how limousines are made (16) 7Now the original floor plan is to be joined with the new extended section. The exhaust pipe, connectors, fuel, and brake line are extended. Apart from this new pillars are welded in place to attach the original front doors as the original door.

how limousines are made (16) 8The side structural steel is been welded in place.

how limousines are made (16) 9The roof and thin fiberglass "Limo" reduction window is been installed. This gets the unit very close to going to the paint shop and later the interiors would be installed.

how limousines are made (16) 10Next, top of the doors are covered with foam padding prior to installing the vinyl top and the foam is been sculpted so the doors flow into the roofline. Glue is sprayed onto the roof to hold the vinyl top in place and with this the roof gets almost fully installed.

how limousines are made (16) 11The stainless steel rocker panels are being installed.

how limousines are made (16) 12Next comes top quality air conditioning, divider assembly, upholstery and seats.

how limousines are made (16) 13The undercarriage is sprayed with a rubberized type undercoating.

how limousines are made (16) 14how limousines are made (16) 15 This completes the building process and you have your completed limousine.

how limousines are made (16) 16When it comes to interiors you have a huge choice to make what you want inside your superior limousine.

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