Jan 26, 2010

Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising.

Whether you agree or disagree with the creative use of insects in advertising, but we can't deny the fact that the concept is innovative and the artist deserves the credit for its creation. These come from an ongoing project created by artist Emily Berezin that involves painting corporate logos on living insects. Painting on living insects can be tough and depending on the insect, Emily puts it in the fridge for 5-15 minutes, so that it slows them down and gives her a minute or two to work before they start reviving. The process is repeated for a few times till its done. She has enough knowledge about these insects that helps her to avoid any long lasting effect on them. Though she made an exception in the case of the ladybug as she painted over the entire wing casing and that wont allow it to fly. According to her the ladybugs stop flying as it gets colder, and they seem to be nearing their end. And apart from this, the paint doesn't have an incredibly strong hold on them due to the surface and it generally starts to come off after a few days. She uses photoshop but only to crop the images, adjust the levels of light and color, and to touch up a couple of places where paint had come off to get the perfect photo. Once she is done photographing them, these insects were let off into their natural surroundings.

Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising (5) 1(Image credit: Emily Berezin).

Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising (5) 2Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising (5) 3Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising (5) 4Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising (5) 5Other Posts:
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