Jan 13, 2010

'3' Innovative Concepts.

We have here '3 Innovative Concepts’; Coffee Top Caddie by Joshua Harris, Coffee Carrier Bag and Breakfast On Wheel.

Coffee Top Caddie by Joshua Harris: This innovative coffee lid by Josh Harris is designed to help the coffee runner with people's orders. With this one, coffee accessories can be arranged onto the top of the coffee cup so that one can customize their own drink.

Coffee Top Caddie by Joshua Harris (3) 1Coffee Top Caddie by Joshua Harris (3) 2Coffee Top Caddie by Joshua Harris (3) 3Coffee Carrier Bag: Who among us isn't aware how difficult it is to carry two cups of coffee that are filled to the top, managing the car keys & all? Here's a smart solution: the carry-bag for coffees!

Coffee bag (2) 1Coffee bag (2) 2Breakfast On Wheel: This interesting concept is the creation of German designer Drexler. If you are among those who do the things at the last hour, then this is something that you are going to like. You got up late, brushed your teeth, had the shower, packed your stuff, and ready to go, but its already late and how about breakfast? Now you can have your breakfast on your bike. You can coolly enjoy your food on the tray, the cup fits right into the tray and the sides make sure that the food doesn't fall out.

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