Dec 14, 2009

Creative Notepads: What's Your Choice.

Here are a few interesting options to choose from, if you are tired of using the little yellow pads.

Pantogar Memo Pad: These memo pads were created as a part of Pantogar (for hair growth) advertisement. The idea was quite simple but impressive and effective. It was created to remind people of the problem of hair loss that is gradual and people tend to neglect it. As the user uses these sheets of this memo pad, the illustrated person's hair becomes thinner and thinner.

Notebooks (9) 1Memo Spa: The body design on the paper and the removable upper body on the paper is eye catching and the rest of the soaker's body is beneath the papers.

Notebooks (9) 2Play More Notepad: Dutch graphic design firm created it with a goal to encourage clients to have fun at work. And it's not a surprise to know that it's the finalist at the European Design Awards too.

Notebooks (9) 3Tenement Memo Pad: A miniature memo pad in the shape of a block of tenements for River City.

Notebooks (9) 4Bakery Color Memo Pads: This set of pads contain three note pads that come in the shape of a cheeseburger, a white bread and a hotdog.

Notebooks (9) 5Fruit Memo Pads: These look quite colorful and delicious.

Notebooks (9) 6Paint Brush Memo Pad: How about this one? A paintbrush which has notepad instead of the regular bristles.

Notebooks (9) 7Credit Card Size Notepad: Created by designer Piotrek Gorski; one can write using a stick and the built-in slider brings it to a clean slate.

Notebooks (9) 8Waterproof Notepads: If you are among those who get most of your creative ideas in the shower and you had enough using washable crayons, then perhaps these may be just right for you: waterproof notepads - Droodle and Aqua Notes.

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