Dec 21, 2009

Creative and Cool Clothes Creations.

Built To Wear: It's an installation by Ball-Nogues studio and American Apparel (clothing company) with curator Beatrice. What we see here is architecturally scaled structure that comprises 10,000 items of clothing manufactured by American Apparel.

Clothes Creations (14) 1Clothes Creations (14) 2Clothes Creations (14) 3Clothing Origami: These are the creation of Bela Borsodi, he is the one who came up with this interesting concept of folding shirts, dress, jackets, denim jeans into different face expressions. These look so simple yet brilliant.

Clothes Creations (14) 4Clothes Creations (14) 5Clothes Creations (14) 6Clothes Creations (14) 7Clothes Creations (14) 8Indradhanush Installation: This beautiful arc of spectral colors is the creative work of Guerra de la Paz.

Clothes Creations (14) 9Clothes Creations (14) 10Cloth Installation: Creation of artist Anatsui, at Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, 2007.

Clothes Creations (14) 11Folded Towel Animals: This is probably from the Carnival Cruise lines. They always do something that makes it nice to come back to your room and see something cute and thoughtful on your bed or dresser.

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